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VANTAGE is an exploration into the power of perspective.

Eyes painted on kites: a quest to see oneself and the world anew without judgment. A call to revisit the purity of early curiosity, to revel in shared playfulness, to see afresh.

Vantage extends as an invitation to a collective experience, fostering contemplation of the own and the interconnectedness with others.

Ultimately, Vantage stands as evidence to the transformative power of art: perspective shape our very essence  and challenges us to reimagine a new relation to our surrounding world.

The collective piece was flown for the first time in the Cairo Art Biennial, 2023 in the Old Cairo Citadel, a medieval fortification now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vantage, Cairo 2023

Cairo Art Biennale Something Else

Citadel of Cairo , UNESCO World Heritage Site