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CASA is a meditation on the idealization of the concept of home.

This work confronts the audience with the paradox of an inaccessible refuge: a warm and permanently lit wooden house that tempts the visitor to go inside, but there are neither windows, nor doors.

The piece is intended to be built in various places around the world, each reflecting on different idealizations of home.

In 2016, it was built for A Place In Time, an exhibition curated by Helen Pheby, head curator of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK, in NIROX Sculpture Park, situated in The Cradle of Humankind (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Johannesburg, South Africa.
CASA is, since then, part ofNIROX Sculpture Park permanent collection. In 2013, CASA was exhibited at Nora Fisch Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina and in 2023 will be built in Detroit, US.

Size: 500 cm x 400 cm x 450 cm
Mix media: recycled wood, screws, lamp
This piece is powered by solar energy
2016, NIROX Sculpture Park, Johannesburg, South Africa